Hi, I'm Trevor.

Thanks for checking out my website. This is, as my friend so poignantly calls his own website, “my little corner of the internet.

Here is where I post all of my stuff, which you will also see on social media. Additionally, I will, from time to time, include musings via text, and throw a few things on the shop if you like to have a more tactile enjoyment of art and my works.

Why be a starving artist

...when being whole is so beautiful?

Like the world around us, I am beginning to face uncomfortable truths about my reality. And as we all bravely accept and lift each other up in our healing process, I have come to find what works for me with the support of friends, family, and patrons like you.

An artist may see hairdressing as capitulation to their craft. A compromise in order to secure fleeting comforts and stave off the electricity being shut down.

On the contrary, getting out in the world and being in the infinite adventure and learning from everyday people is what inspires and drives my craft forward. Best yet, I love it and get paid for it!